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Will NOT EXPAND...big hump in middle and flat edges after 2 days🤨

Saved myself the cost of a new mattress....pure bliss

I truly needed to replace my mattress as it was way too soft and I was always clinging to the edges to sleep on my side. Read many reviews and picked this one because it was firm and that's what I wanted. It arrived on a Monday and I followed directions to let it expand. By Wednesday evening there was a tiny strip at the top that had not expanded and I put it on my bed for it's test sleep. I was a bit skeptical but was I ever impressed! Also mine did not move around at all; it did come with elastic straps which I'm not using. No smell either. My problem knee and my back are quite impressed also. I hope it holds up; fingers crossed!

kailey zoch
Most Comfy Bed EVER!

I moved into my college house and found a rock hard mattress. Thinking I could stick it out, I slept on it without any padding for a week. I am a waitress, so my body is already always in pain but I woke up so sore from lack of support! I finally caved and bought this, and am having some of the best sleep of my life. My body doesnt hurt, its just the right level of soft, and even my dog wont get off the bed in the morning! It doesnt slide around at all either! Please do yourself a solid and spend the extra buck on this mattress topper, thank me later (;

If you have a bad back, my review may help.

I have chronic pain in my back from my very low back, all the way to, and including, my neck. Over the past 10 years or so, I've spent about $20,000 trying new mattresses looking for the perfect one. Sadly, I'm not exaggerating either. I've never found the perfect mattress so I've also spent probably more than $1,000 on mattress pads. My husband also likes soft but supportive mattresses like me but he was never perfectly happy with anything we bought either. The last mattress pad I bought helped my chronic back pain somewhat but he didn't like it so I literally cut it in half and he and I slept on different levels, which doesn't work well if you want to cuddle. Although I didn't want to spend any more money on mattresses or mattress pads because I was convinced nothing was going to work, I took a chance and bought this. I am so glad I did! My husband and I are both happy with it. It has been years since I've gotten out of bed virtually pain free but because of this pad, I do now. I know it's not cheap but it's priceless to be able to sleep better than I have in years.

I know not everyone with back pain will have the same results I did but if you've been suffering like I have for many years and you're still looking, you might want to consider this.

Top quality mattress topper

I was looking for a topper for a new firm mattress that had little cushioning on top. I didn't know what to expect from a memory foam pad, so I started to read reviews. I also knew I wanted one with a cover, as ALL foam no matter how good will crumble a bit, and leave a mess. I decided on the UTTU topper. I was surprised at how small a box it arrived in, and even more surprised at how fast it unfolded, and filled out while leaving absolutely no folds or creases.
The only downside in build as far as I'm concerned is no straps to keep it in place on bed. I'm using a waterproof mattress cover over the pad and mattress...which keeps it in place, so it's not really an issue for me. I would recommend one if you are buying this.
This topper makes a night and day difference on how my new mattress feels. It does not interfere with the mattress firmness, but adds a layer of comfort to it. The topper leaves no "divots", is supportive, and has no difference in temperature vs not using it.
Pretty pricey for a foam pad...but this is no ordinary foam pad. I am 100% happy with this topper, and HOPE I will get years of use from it.