You're unique, so should your pillow

A good pillow is half the good night's sleep.
We all know the general standards for a good pillow: premium quality filling, excellent craftsmanship, and the perfect mixture of softness and support.
But UTTU has taken it up a notch, we want all that as well as making our pillow to be easily customized to fits different sleepers' needs.
That's why the UTTU Sandwich® Pillow was born.

Best for Neck Support

-The Spruce

BEST Contour Pillows

-Best Reviews Guide

Best Cervical Pillow


Best Solid Memory Foam

Our Core

Exclusive UTTU Dynamic® Foam is the very secret of our comfort. High-density slow rebound memory foam that can dynamically fit your body, releasing all the pressure and leaving you all the comfort.

Our Craftsmanship

Innovative 3-layer design with our signature "UTTU" shape cut line that makes adjusting pillow height easy and effective.

Our Cover

Blending with bamboo viscose, our cover is not only hypoallergenic and moist-wicking but also deform-resistant. Soft to touch, safe to sleep.

Whoever you're, you can find your coziest spot with UTTU

You'll regret...not getting the UTTU pillow EARLIER


Absolutely LOVE this pillow!!! ...With just 3 nights of using it, I can already feel a huge difference in my neck and I'm no longer waking up with a stiff neck. The best $40 I ever spent...I would pay $100 for this pillow!!

B. Turner

I have been struggling with neck pain for a few weeks, and I got desperate enough to search online for pillows that might help...I got it because it had good reviews for side sleepers, but it actually feels good when I sleep on my back too. Thanks for a great product!

Jona C.

Im suffering from migraine and this was the best purchase I’ve ever done before!
I’m really happy with your services!!!


I have a "pillow graveyard" in my house were many pillows that didn't work for me are laid to rest. I have scoliosis and my back protrudes, kind of like a hunchback, only not so drastic. This pillow cradles my neck and fits perfectly into that curvature.